Addons by Tag

Allow bots to look real on your server.

Real Bots Details Version: 1.1.0a
Updated:2009-01-26 16:17:40
Downloads: 18241

by DanielB
Deathrun team Balancer and Terrorist Cycle

DeathRun Manager Details Version: 1.1.2
Updated:2009-05-12 04:27:02
Downloads: 30792

Master Chat Screenshot
by DanielB
Clan Chat! Both Global and Clan Only! + Clan Ranks!

Master Chat Details Version: 1.1.1
Updated:2008-12-21 04:17:18
Downloads: 16960

Bot Menu (BM) Screenshot
by Deathyy
A menu for admins. With lots of features.

Bot Menu (BM) Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2010-03-15 22:36:30
Downloads: 6134

Mapload Screenshot
Allows you a flexible configuration for per-map-scripts and per-map-configs

Mapload Details Version: 3.0
Updated:2010-01-05 21:39:26
Downloads: 15071

Advanced AFK 2.0 Screenshot
Advanced AFK completely rewritten in python and much more effective!

Advanced AFK 2.0 Details Version: 2.0.1
Updated:2008-04-16 00:51:30
Downloads: 5514

Provides greater assistance in managing sounds.

SoundManager Details Version: v1.0.1
Updated:2009-04-06 17:24:04
Downloads: 5380

by Bioko
Premium NoBlock is a smart script, fully configurable, that give you the possibilities to enable the noblock in specified maps. Add "ze_" in the tag and all maps with "ze_" in their will got the noblock ! You can also make exeption for a "ze_" map !

Premium NoBlock Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-09-18 10:36:21
Downloads: 3514

Match Admin Mod Screenshot
by qwern
Manage your PCW/WAR/MATCH or BRUSH with configs, passwords, and settings.

Match Admin Mod Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2013-02-07 15:18:30
Downloads: 14707

Player Management Screenshot
by Adz
Allows clients/admins (configurable) to manage target(s).

Player Management Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-06-22 13:46:01
Downloads: 3868

by ezez32
Cadmin,nuevo admin en espaƱo

Cadmin by Ezez_Adr (Plugin argentino) Details Version: Beta
Updated:2012-01-01 00:44:43
Downloads: 2588

Admin plugin Screenshot
An (almost) complete admin plugin for your server, easy to use, for server and players

Admin plugin Details Version: 1.2.1
Updated:2012-05-24 16:16:02
Downloads: 10092

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