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HL2DM_SERVER - Version x

posted on 2014-02-17 02:18:50
by stubborncrazycoconut

Requires: Requirement - Eventscripts: - Metamod: - Sourcemod:


This is a complete server for LAN or HOSTED server. Enjoy!!!


This is a complete starting point for a server. It should satisfy most peoples server needs. I built this server off of all the great scripts that I have found here on ES. Put the HL2Server folder at the root of your DIR (this folder will work on a portable drive as well). Run the HL2ServerTool.cmd, then run the updater first to download the current HL2DM game. Then you will need to install ES, Metamod, and Sourcemod. After that you should have a running server with effects,spectate, etc. This was made for Windows but all the scripts will work on a hosted linux server as well.

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