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Ingame Porn Fun Plugin - Version 1.1

posted on 2012-06-03 08:28:12
by stonedegg

Requires: You should have a fastdownload server, otherwise it could take a bit longer to download the files.


You can type !porn to open a menu and choose one of 5 pictures. Pictures will be displayed in fullscreen using the r_screenoverlay and it's playing a little sound. Press 9 to turn it off. A very little admin function is included. Go to forum page to see more information. Changelog: v.1.1: Had to fix something, cause people spammed the chat.


Extract addons / materials / sound to your /cstrike/ directory Add es_load ingameporn to your server.cfg Edit admins: Open and edit: admins = ['STEAM_0:0:111', '...']

Version Notes For 1.1

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