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Noblock:Source - Version 1.5

posted on 2007-09-08 14:21:56
by Lobe


[b]Noblock:Source Version 1.5[/b] [i]A remake of ion's Noblock:Source 0.02b[/i] [b]What is Noblock:Source[/b] Prevents User Clipping/Blocking/Collisions: Designed for Surfing or Portals. It has functions inside the script to activate on specified maps, or even map prefix's. It is very useful for Surf Maps, and works in any HL2 based game! [b]Requires: Mattie EventScripts 1.5+ [/b] [b]New features[/b] -It now supports different maps, which are specified in the config block of the script -Is faster, and supports DOD:S and HL2DM (Theoreticaly) -Is smaller, and uses less variables -Easier to configure -[b]New![/b] Can run on all maps: Add all_maps to the DB file! [b]To Install:[/b] Extract the zip file to your cstrike folder. [b]To Edit[/b] Open es_noblock.txt with notepad, or another .txt viewer, and edit the config block (Do not edit anything else unless you know what you are doing) [b]For autoload:[/b] Add es_load noblock to your autoexec.cfg [b]To run manually:[/b] load rcon type es_load noblock then restart the round [b]To shutdown:[/b] load rcon type es_unload noblock. Noblock will automaticaly restart the round for you. [b]Default Config Block[/b] [syntax="es"]block config { // Allow Noblock adverts? es_set noblock_adverts 1 // Delay in seconds to display adverts after the round has started? es_set noblock_advertdelay 10 // Custom advert text? es_set noblock_advertcustom 0 // If the previous setting was one, what is the custom text? // To use colours, put #green or #lightgreen before the text. // eg: #green This server is running#lightgreen SourceBlock es_set noblock_advertcustomtext "#green This server is running#lightgreen SourceBlock" }[/syntax] [b]To run all maps, put this in your DB file[/b] [syntax="es"]"noblock" { "all_maps" { } }[/syntax]

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2007-09-22 14:34:23 EST by Lobe (View Zip Contents)
Noblock:Source Version 1.5 Changelog: -Fixed an issue with all_maps not activating noblock.

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