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SPB -PaintBall- - Version v2.1

posted on 2006-10-16 16:16:40
by sn4k3



Allow tint decals on world! Textures size and life time are customized Bots can/can't use paintball too Restrict tint color to player team color (Blue/Red)


METOD 1: Manual Download Download and Extract all files/folders inside the zip file to cstrike/ folder or other GameMod folder like dod/ Add the following line in cfg/autoexec.cfg: es_load spb METOD 2: Automatic Download and Extraction Send a rcon command to server: es_install spb if no works try METOD 1 Explore and configure the SPB settings: addons/eventscripts/spb/cfg/

Version Notes For v2.1

Updated on: 2008-08-28 20:28:54 EST by sn4k3 (View Zip Contents)
Added Cvar 'spb_enable' allow enable/disable SPB in game Added all SPB configs are moved to 'addons/eventscripts/spb/cfg' folder Added more performance and less lag Added ES TOOLS v0.420+ required Added 3 new .cfg files 'on_load' 'on_newmap' 'on_unload' Fixed static flying tint by hit players or props Fixed team colors cvar no work (Nothing paint) Fixed SPB should now work on many GamesMods like: dods, hl2mp, insurgency, zombiepanic, ... Removed 'eventscripts_noisy 1' requirement Removed 'cfg/spb' folder and thier files

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