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Anti Stuck (Stuck Helper) - Version 1.3

posted on 2012-09-25 09:10:47
by stonedegg


[b]Anti Stuck Script by h!gh voltage (stonedegg)[/b] This addon could be helpful, if you are running a server with fun maps, where players can get stuck in the ground or what ever. It has a few functions, that will be explained in the following: First of all, players can type !stuck in chat to open the main menu. Here they can move 20 units in all six directions. (left, right, forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards) Note: It is not checking for the players angle, so if you are looking in a certain direction and you want to move 20 units to the left, you may not move to the left, seen from your current view. I don't know how to fix this or if it's even possible to fix. But once you moved in a direction, you know where to move for a second time. [b]This is only important to server admins, that use a bunnyhop/climb timer on their server:[/b] If your timer supports a server command or chat command to stop the timer for a player, and you want to force players who use the move function to stop the timer, you can set this in this plugin by opening the script ( When you opened it, set the variable [b]use_timer[/b] to [b]1[/b]. If you have a servercommand, change the variable [b]use_servercommand[/b] to [b]1[/b] and possibly change the [b]timerservercommand[/b] variable. If you want to use a chat command instead, set the variable [b]use_saycommand[/b] to [b]1[/b] and possibly change the [b]timersaycommand[/b] variable. Note: Both, use_servercommand or use_saycommand, require use_timer set to 1. An antispam function is implememented, so once a player moved 3 times in a row, he needs to wait 2 minutes to move again (time can be configurated). If the player thinks, moving around won't help him, he can call an admin. A menu will popup, where he can choose an admin to request help. (If there is no admin on the server, the menu will be empty). Note: the player can choose an admin only one time every 2 minutes (time can be configurated) to prevent spamming. Once he chose an admin, the admin will get a popupmenu, where he can choose to help or not. If the admin chose 'Yes', he will be teleported to the player who requested help. The admin is on duty now, and can't be chosen by any other player. Also it will popup another menu, where the admin can noclip himself and move the player to his current location. He can also choose between teleporting back to his old location, from where he accepted the "job", or not. Teleporting back (or not) and closing the menu will set the admin on duty again, so he can help other players. Configurate following: [code]admins = ['STEAMID', 'STEAMID', 'STEAMID'] # Set your admins here. You can add more, just keep the syntax. wait_time = 120 # The time in seconds a player needs to wait, when he moved 3 times in a row, to use the stuck command a second time. # Also the time in seconds a player needs to wait to call an admin for help a second time. use_timer = 0 # Set this to 1, if you have a timer on your server running and you want to force players to stop it when they use the Move-Function, # so they can't cheat timers. # Note: You need a server command or saycommand in your timer that stops the timer for a player. Set it below. use_servercommand = 0 # Set this to 1 if you have a server command for your timer that stops the time for a player (requires use_timer set to 1). timerservercommand = "stoptimer" # This is the server command for stopping the timer. use_saycommand = 0 # Set this to 1 if you have a saycommand for your timer that stop the timer for a player (requires use_timer set to 1). timersaycommand = "!stop" # This is the say command for stopping the timer.[/code] I hope I made everything clear; if not, please post your question on forum site.


1. Open the zip archive. 2. Move the addons folder into the cstrike folder. 3. Add es_load antistuck to server.cfg or autoexec.cfg 4. Reload map / Restart server

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