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HL2DM_SERVER x update v1 - Version x - updated

posted on 2016-11-12 22:21:16
by stubborncrazycoconut

Requires: Requirement - Eventscripts: - Metamod: - Sourcemod:

Tags: hl2dm


This is a update to x, it has many new things, its written to use these maps: You can download a complete full working windows desktop server to play with this model at these locations: The zip for this is in the photo section of the timeline you'll have to scroll down a bit ti get to it. It will work until steam breaks it, but I'll try to keep up with making sure it works


If you download the full version from my facebook account which is on and soon if they fix there is a upload at MODDB 1. drop folder on your c:drive then look for the batch script you will be able to start up the server ready to run. 2. To change the game type that is setup goto the cfg's folder and use the load.cfg. This is setup like mani had there system. 3. If your running a system with wifi you'll be able to bring up Half:life:2 Deathmatch and goto LAN your server will be running 4. If you don't have wifi you will need a hub with a lan cable. This method is used to run offline but you still can play on the server 5. Enjoy - learn from this model and open your own server so you don't have to get chased off by argy admins. 6. This might give you inner peace.

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